Osokey combine traditional data management functionality with the latest cloud-based technologies to create a map-based catalogue of your entire seismic data repository.

You can select any seismic line from the map and view it instantly. This enables you to make data management decisions based on the data quality, geological setting and location of your data.

From the Stream Index Dashboards, data managers can instantly see a cost & usage summary, QC newly added data, set data restrictions and make informed archiving decisions. SEG-Y data can still be viewed when archived and, if required, can be retrieved from archive within minutes.

Leverage cloud-based technologies to streamline data backup and archiving workflows


Osokey Stream is a cloud-native data management solution that takes advantage of the highly scaleable, durable and cost effective object storage available from public cloud providers. By leveraging cloud-based technologies, we can help you to manage your entire seismic portfolio.


The diagram below illustrates Osokey's event-driven architecture for SEG-Y ingestion. SEG-Y files are processed in parallel using a serverless approach. By maximising automation and creating standardised QC; data ingestion is cost effective and scaleable whether you have 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000+ files.


Encrypted at rest

Encrypted in transit

Index file

Flexible NoSQL database

Add fields as required

Read SEG-Y

SEG-Y file is read automatically

SEG-Y ingested in parallel

Extract headers

Automatically index relevant headers

QC results from admin. dashboards


SEG-Y is positioned geographically

QC within web browser

Locate data on web map

View seismic data

Manage data archive and retrieval

During SEG-Y ingestion a default suite of meta data is extracted for each file. This can be extended to include:

  • Standard attributes
  • Enhanced data quality metrics
  • EBCDIC header analysis
  • Data adaptive wavelet extraction
  • Stacking & conditioning of pre-stack data
  • Null trace removal


  • Data can be stored in a cloud environment controlled by you
  • Secure 24/7 access through a web browser.
  • Utilise highly resilient & durable cloud-based storage
  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Add data restrictions to limit data access to specific users
  • Single Sign On (SSO) support
  • Data can be stored according to your existing path structures
  • New data is automatically indexed and scanned to extract meta data
  • Parallel SEG-Y ingestion with standardised QC
  • Connected map and database viewing windows to streamline data discovery
  • Integrated post-stack and pre-stack viewer
  • Integrated document viewer
  • QC of new data from an admin. only interface
  • Custom GIS layers can be integrated from web map services and static sources
  • Usage analytics to help data management decisions, e.g. archiving.
  • Expedited retrieval from archive
  • Search capabilities, including SQL statements
  • Flexible NoSQL databases



Osokey's architecture separates our code from your data. This keeps you in control whether you are managing the customer cloud account or Osokey is managing the customer cloud account on your behalf.

Osokey Cloud Account

Secure & scaleable event-driven Architecture

Separation of Osokey code from customer data

Data encrypted in transit (TLSv1+)

Only authenticated requests are permitted

Customer Cloud Account

At least one backup of data

Data encrypted at rest (AES-256)

Data stored in private buckets

All data created while using the application stored in customer account

Temporary credentials following principle of least privilege

We follow security best practices including user authentication, time limited access and encryption of sensitive data at rest & in transit. Our architecture separates Osokey code from your data to keep you in control.

Osokey Stream applies security best practices including:

Your data is stored using cloud based object storage to provide durability and scaleability: e.g. Amazon S3

For more information about our data management solutions or our pricing models, please get in touch.