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Cloud-based solutions for your subsurface data

We can typically setup your cloud account in < 45 minutes and you can be viewing your SEG-Y data the same day


Osokey deliver cloud-based data management, collaboration & data analysis solutions to the energy industry.

Using the latest cloud technologies, we help you to quickly access your entire seismic repository and spatially capture your corporate knowledge to maximise the value of your subsurface data.

Osokey combine traditional data management functionality with the latest cloud-based technologies to create a map-based catalogue of your entire seismic data repository. You can select any seismic line from the map and view it instantly. This enables you to make data management decisions based on the data quality, geological setting and location of your data.

Data Management

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Collaboration brings new insights and new perspectives to your data. However, getting to the point where you easily collaborate directly on your data often requires significant time and effort. At Osokey, we value the importance of your time and so we have developed solutions to minimise collaboration set up times. You can now collaborate on any seismic line, with colleagues across the globe, within seconds.


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Storing your seismic data in the cloud allows you to take a new approach to data analysis. The near-unlimited scaleability of the cloud combined with the latest cloud technologies creates new data analysis opportunities. Attributes can be computed on-the-fly to quickly understand their impact and new data connections can be easily made to deliver new insights on your existing seismic portfolio. Utilise the scaleability of cloud to perform your data analysis.

Data Analysis

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Osokey Stream runs through a web browser and does not require any software installation.

This allows you to access your data anytime, anywhere.



As well as providing traditional software licence models, Osokey have developed a series of pay as you go solutions for your individual projects. This means that you do not have the upfront financial commitment and instead simply pay for the software as you use it.

To learn more about our pay as you go solutions, please go to our SOLUTIONS page

 Pay as you go collaboration sessions can be set up for individual data volumes, avoiding the long term financial commitment of traditional software licence models. Collaboration sessions allow you to gain new insights and different perspectives on a data set. It allows you to reduce the interpreter bias and generate new prospect ideas through multiple interpretations.

Collaboration sessions

Osokey deliver cloud hosted virtual data rooms providing highly secure and cost effective solutions. The virtual data rooms are accessed through a web browser with no sofware installation required. This ensures that your secure virtual data portal can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Virtual data rooms

Performing automated and standardised processing & QC of your entire seismic repository is now possible utilising the near-unlimited scaleability of the cloud.

Batch data processing & QC

Our solutions allow you to deliver interactive training opportunities on real seismic data volumes. Users are anonymised which encourages paticipation and promotes more open discussions.

Education & training

 Your data can be securely accessed through a web browser allowing you to carry your entire multi-client portfolio in your pocket to all client meetings. There is also the option to share your data through a secure online portal to support further data sales.

Multi-client sales

 Our application supports iteration within the seismic processing workflow. It allows you to collaborate with your clients, seek feedback and optimise the processing workflow.

Processing project collaboration


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